Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blogging from an iPad with Blogsy

My BFF Peggy is traveling to Morocco for two months.

She wants to blog about it. Who wouldnt?

She's facing some challenges. First, Her only computer ... an iPad mini. Typing a post on glass is not for me. I'm writing this post in that fashion and I won't last long. "Get a keyboard" I say. Which one? Don't know. Maybe someone can recommend one.

Second challenge: she has never blogged before. The process has to be simple. No messing around with HTML or CSS.

Third challenge. She writes. She won't be content with posts consisting of photos and captions. She is not a Facebook person. She will be reflecting on her experience ... You know ... Like with real words (see keyboard comment above). So FB is out. So is Tumblr

Fourth, without asking me, she picked Google's Blogger. Hey, I happen to use that for this blog. Wouldn't call it the easiest choice.

Good news: after playing with it on my wife's iPad, I'm feeling pretty confident in asserting that, you're going to blog on Blogger from an iPad, Blogsy is the app to use. I'm writing this post with Blogsy.

It formats!

Of course it should. What's nice is that it was intuitive from menu bar.

Picture ... or it didn't happen


Great features. Great integration with wide variety of resources. Easy to use (for me; I hope easy for her too) after you watch the excellent video on dragging and dropping.

Here I'm inserting a picture of my dog which happens to be on this iPad. He fits right in. I can wrap text around him too.

And then I can resume with my post after the photo. This was easy to do by dragging and tapping.

Enough typing on glass. If you're reading this you know I published successfully ... and that it ain't gonna be so bad blogging from Morocco on an iPad.