Wednesday, July 4, 2012

HTML or XAML? A chat with Jesse Liberty

It depends … but you knew that. Depends on what? Jesse and I approach this question from many angles on his show, “Yet Another Podcast #69” which aired on July 1st.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the world of JavaScript Single Page Apps this year … an experience that has been entertaining, thrilling, confounding … and confirms (for me anyway) that HTML/JS clients have a real future in LOB apps. I emphasize future. In the present, you’d better think twice, especially if you’ve got a big application to deliver this year and you don’t absolutely have to run it on every kind of device. If you can target windows devices exclusively (and many business apps can), you’ll be more productive and save money by building a XAML client that will last for years.

I cover this ground and more in our 30 minute podcast.

jsFiddle in 6 minutes

I produced a short video introduction jsFiddle, one of my favorite free tools for JavaScript developers. I published it back in May and forgot to blog about it. It still holds up (despite the regrettably harsh sound quality; turn down your volume). Check it out.