Friday, May 25, 2007

Goodbye PDC 2007

Microsoft just postponed PDC 2007 into the indefinite future and did so barely five months before the event was due. Be glad you aren't the Los Angelas Convention Center or a Vendor with thousands of "PDC 2007" plush toys.

The buzz is that Microsoft postponed because there wasn't anything futuristic worth saying. See Scoble's blog and Mary Jo Foly's blog for their opinions on this score.

Makes sense but the cynic in me thinks that there is more to the story. There's a ton of technology due at year end and almost all of it is behind schedule. Taking the best and brightest off-line in October for several weeks would have further strained the timeline.

Even if that isn't the reason, it's a good reason. I'd rather have the promised products sooner and in fine shape than endure a dog-and-pony for a half-baked future.

Hope to see you at Tech Ed in Orlando; drop by the IdeaBlade booth.