Thursday, April 1, 2010

DevForce / UFC Gym Bling On Silverlight TV

We had way too much fun at MIX 2010 in Las Vegas last month. John Papa captured the flavor in a Silverlight TV interview with me featuring the UFC Gym Kiosk.

Watch the episode online by clicking this link or clicking the mage below:

3-31-2010 11-51-04 PM

My buds channeled their inner Elvis (mosaic courtesy John Papa):

Clockwise from top: Brad Abrams, moi, Karen Corby, Dan Wahlin, John Papa, Tim Heuer

This being April 1st and the garb verging on outrageous, you’re excused for doubting the seriousness of the interview.

In fact, we explored many substantive issues:

And I think the demo showed well what you can do in two weeks by concentrating on the User Experience (UX) and leaving the plumbing to us.

Who says business can’t be fun?   We had a blast!   Enjoy.

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