Sunday, August 2, 2009

Screen 54, Where Are You?

The justly renowned Jeremy Miller just issued a call for real-world “screen activation” scenarios.

Jeremy is writing a book on UI design and development patterns. A number of us who think and pontificate about this a lot (including Glenn Block, Rob Eisenberg, John Papa, Shawn Wildermuth, and many, many others) are helping Jeremy by chipping in with our favored approaches and examples drawn from our own experiences and our customers’ experiences.

I’m pretty active in this area as you, dear reader, know well. I hope you’ll take a moment to (a) look at Jeremy’s agenda and (b) contribute your thoughts – either directly to his post or to mine.

I’ll see that he gets them. And I’ll highlight with my own commentary some that pique my interest. All of it, from all sources, will help us at IdeaBlade do a better job of providing you with supportive infrastructure and guidance.


Footnote: You are all too young to remember the early 60’s TV hit that inspires this title: “Car 54, Where Are You” with the late Fred Gwynne, also of “The Munsters” and “My Cousin Vinny” fame.

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Jeff Doolittle said...

I actually used to watch Car 54 on Nick@Nite as a kid, so while I didn't experience it as a first run, I remember that show.