Thursday, April 16, 2009

Entity Framework Jargon

Alex James of the Entity Framework team has eased our pain a hair with another nice tip, Tip #10, "Understanding Entity Framework Jargon".

Ever wondered what C-Space, S-Space, O-Space and all such variations mean? Alex gives you a clue.

There's way more jargon to gloss than he covers here but it's still worth a visit.


Alex James said...


there is plenty more jargon? I know I missed out a few like MEST etc, so I've been considering a followup post - "Tip X - More EF Jargon". So I'm keen to hear what other Jargon you think I should cover?


Ward Bell said...

Let's see. Off the top of my head I'd mention "Entity" itself, entity set, all three inheritance patterns, Persistence Ignorance, Context ... and I haven't toured the index of Julie's book yet.