Saturday, August 4, 2007

Cabana Unleashed!

The long-awaited, heavily revised Cabana is out. Get it (and it's still primitive documentation) at

It's important to read the "InstallationAndReleaseNotes" because we split the application into two solutions, "our stuff" and "your stuff"; these solutions have to be built in proper sequence. So spare our support team and RTFM.

I should mention that we have a follow-on version in the works that includes Visual Studio templates and wizards to help you generate modules and pages. These aren't quite as nifty as recipes from one of the P&P software factories but they are much easier to write and maintain yourself. I think you'll like 'em.

Truth in Advertising Dept. - I must acknowledge that Cabana is not easily grasped without significant guidance ... and that guidance is missing right now. The class hierarchy is documented as are the twin solutions (at a very very high level). But it really needs much more and, in particular, a friendly video series to walk you through it. That's the next step for us.


Bakopanos said...

Hello Ward

have you any thoughts in respect to Acropolis for the Cabana project?



Ward Bell said...

I fear Acropolis is ill-fated and will never see day light. There has been nothing in recent months to suggest progress or even clarity of purpose. I would switch to it in a heartbeat if it were real.